Pan London Practice Assessment Document 2.0

The Pan London Practice Assessment Document 2.0 has been developed by the PLPLG in collaboration with practice partners, mentors, academic staff, students and service users across the London region. PLPAD 2.0 has been developed for student nurse in all fields of practice: adult, child, mental health and learning disability nursing.

PLPAD 2.0 meets the standards and proficiencies of the NMC’s Future Nurse (2018) to enable the nurse to deliver person-centred safe, effective and compassionate care and be fit for practice and fit for purpose at the point of registration and ultimately to safeguard the patients/service users and protect the public.

Health Education England London have provided funding to support the the development of PLPAD 2.0

PLPAD 2.0 Part 1


Part 1 of PLPAD 2.0 the student will have guided participation in care and perform with increasing confidence and competence.

PLPAD 2.0 Part 2


Building on Part 1, Part 2 of PLPAD 2.0 has been developed to enable the student to actively participate in care with minimal guidance and the student should perform with increased confidence and competence.

PLPAD 2.0 Part 3


By the end of Part 3 the student should be practising independently with minimal supervision and leading and coordinating care with confidence.

PLPAD 2.0 Ongoing Achievement Record


The OAR provides a summary of each placement and a summary at the end of each part where progression can be recorded by the Practice Assessor and Academic Assessor.

Guide to using PLPAD 2.0

Guide to using PLPAD 2.0

The purpose of the guide is to provide guidance for the completion of the Pan London Practice Assessment Document (PAD) 2.0. General guidelines are provided for each element within the PAD. This guidance should be read alongside specific instructions that may apply to individual Universities.


PLPLG Key changes to Standards for Nurses
Roles of Practice Supervisor, Practice Assessor and Academic Assessor in relation to Practice Assessment Document for Student Nurses and Student Nursing Associates
PLPLG Overview of PLPAD 2.0 with SSSA roles
The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has reviewed and updated the standards for education and training. The new standards include standards of proficiency for registered nurses to reflect the changing role of the future nurse and standards for Student Supervision and Assessment in Practice.