Assessment of Proficiencies in Practice

The Pan London Practice Learning Group (PLPLG) on behalf of the 14 London Approved Educational Institutes (AEIs) secured Clinical Placement Expansion Programme (CPEP) funding from HEE to plan a consistent approach to the assessment of those proficiencies/skills which may be challenging to achieve and assess in specific practice settings across the 4 fields of nursing. The focus of this work has been to develop and agree a unified approach Pan London, in collaboration with all the AEIs and their practice partners.

N.B. The PLPLG were keen to share this document but please note that this page is still under development and there is further work being undertaken to enhance the presentation and include additional resources.

Capital Nurse Career Framework

Type: Website, Interactive Tool

The Capital Nurse Digital Career Framework Tool helps nurses of all levels review their career progress, set and work towards career goals and help build professional confidence to reach them. The tool is closely aligned to the NMCs requirements for revalidation.

Capital Nurse Preceptorship Framework

Preceptorship is a period to guide and support all newly qualified practitioners in the transition from student to autonomous practitioner.
CapitalNurse has developed a preceptorship framework that provides a recommended set of standards based on best-practice which all health and social care organisations in London have agreed to.

It gives first year post-graduate nurses clear guidance about managing their preceptorship, and working with their employer. It includes standards for protected time for preceptorship, a charter setting out what is expected of preceptors and their employers; and it also provides clear practical templates for preceptors to use. It has been designed to support newly registered nurses to make the transition from learner to autonomous practitioner, while developing in confidence and proficiency.

STEP – Strengthening Team-based Education in Practice

The STEP (Strengthening Team-based Education in Practice) project involves a number of practice and university colleagues from across North Central and East London region who are passionate about learning in practice for nursing and midwifery learners.

Led by Middlesex University and funded by Health Education England this project team have undertaken a number of individual research projects related to 5 key themes and have developed a range of resources to enhance the learner experience.

London Collaborative Learning Models in Practice

This resource aims to provide guidance and direction to those considering the implementation of new models to enhance practice learning, provide new learning opportunities and potentially increase student capacity in some placement areas.

It aims to support integrating the principles of coaching and peer learning into every-day practice where it may not be practical to achieve full implementation of collaborative learning models